Relying on the Spirit with APTAT

February 11, 2008

One area Tim was prevented from developing further last session was the point, “Relying on the Spirit of God.” Tim had hoped to share John Piper’s A.P.T.A.T which for years Piper has utilised as a practical tool before, during and after the sermon. The basic outline is:

A – Admit my helplessness (John 15:5)
P – Pray for help (Psalm 50:15)
T – Trust a specific promise (Isaiah 66:2)
A – Act with confidence in God (Isaiah 55:11)
T – Thank God (I Thessalonians 5:18)

Its just a practical tool of course, not recorded in Leviticus. But I wonder what other preachers use to lean upon the Spirit’s help in the context of preaching?


One comment

  1. I will be facilitator in our Bible study tomorrow. Thanks a lot for additional input about relying on the Holy Spirit. God bless

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