“The Preacher’s Priorities” – Tim Bridges

February 9, 2008

Find below the outline of Tim Bridges excellent session from last Thursday night: “the Preacher’s Priorities.” I’ve also added some of my favourite quotes.

I The Pervasive Priority
1) The Glory of God

“…‘glorifying God’ becomes a pursuit that consumes our lives…not a posture we assume when we stand in the pulpit.”

II Personal Priorities
1) ‘Live the Gospel’ before you ‘Preach the Gospel’.
“Resolved, to live so, at all times, as I think is best in my devout frames, and when I have clearest notions of things of the gospel, and another world.” (Jonathan Edwards)

2) Cultivate genuine affections for God.
“There is a big difference between knowing that God is awesome and being in awe of God.”

“Do not ‘perform the text’! Fight to be ‘pierced by the text’ so that affections displayed in public match affections in cultivated in private”

“No man preacheth that sermon well that doth not first preach it in his own heart” (John Owen)

III Pulpit Priorities
1) Preach with ‘desperate confidence’ in the Spirit of God.
2) Preach the Cross of Christ as the ultimate ‘context’ for your text.
“I take my text, and make a beeline for the cross.” (Charles Spurgeon)

3) Preach to be understood.
“It is a byword among us: ‘It was a very plain sermon’. And I say again, the plainer the better.” (William Perkins)

(By the way, Tim Bridges is the course co-leader and blogs over at the Conventicle.)



  1. In relation to “Preach to be understood,” its been said, “A mist in the pulpit is a fog in the pew.”

  2. Colin:

    Thank you for bringing my attention to Tim Bridges. He and I served in South Florida at the same time — and even became pastor of a church where I served previous as minister of music. If you see Tim, tell him I said hello and that I would love to hear from him.


    Matt Perry

  3. Matt,

    Hello brother! Glad we could meet up in the world of ‘Unashamed Workman’. (Love your blog by the way, I’ll stop by and say hello).

    Let me say publically that Colin has done an outstanding job organising this course. As the readers of this blog already know, the people of Charlotte Chapel are blessed to have him.

    I am just glad to be his homiletical caddie on the preaching course:)


  4. […] Workman « “The Preacher’s Priorities” – Tim Bridges Living The Gospel Or Just Preaching It? February 11, 2008 Last Thursday night, pastor Tim […]

  5. I want to know about different attitudes of church audience.

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