Called to Preach #2 – The Church and the Call

February 5, 2008

The following quote from Richard Bewes – previously Rector of All Souls, London – valuably contributes to our considerations on a ‘call to preaching’:

“It is right, of course that a flame is lit directly within the convictions of God’s messenger. The Old Testament prophet Jeremiah was aware of an uncontainable fire burning inside himself (Jer. 20:9). In the New Testament days the apostles Peter and John, faced by an official ban on their public speaking replied, ‘We cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.’ (Acts 4:20). Martyrs down the centuries, evangelists great and small, street preachers, Sunday School teachers and missionaries have all sensed a similar urge.

Acknowledging all of this, we must recognise that it is to the church at large – and to no other group on earth – that the responsibility of declaring the message of God has been entrusted. There must come a point, then, when every Christian who senses an inward urge to speak must come to terms with the church of Jesus Christ. Do the believers, who make up the church, recognise that this speaker has a call? If so, let them issue the invitation to speak, and provide a suitable format and platform.

Await your moment….Let God, through his people, push you into the arena, rather than push yourself forward. Let the church recognise your speaking, when it is ready to do so.”

(Richard Bewes, Speaking in Public Effectively, pg 19,20)

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  1. If only the church really believed this…

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