The Dispensible Preacher

January 11, 2008

It is all to easy to slip into a false way of thinking that we preachers are indispensible people. No doubt we should be thought of as valuable and important – crucial even – in the life of our fellowship. Yet we are never ‘indispensible.’

I was reminded of this upon my return to work today. After addressing some men in our church on the subject of preaching, an older gentlemen humbled me with the following comment:

“In God’s providence, your missing last Sunday morning with illness was God’s appointment. Peter [who stood in] was outstanding and brought an evident challenge from God to the whole church. It was just as God intended that you were laid aside.”

Did I hear that?

It was God’s ‘intention’ that I be laid aside.
And God’s Word still went out powerfully.

May I continue to remember then that I am a dispensible preacher…



  1. Amen, brother. Thank you for the humble post.

  2. Thank you for this thought-provoking item. We live and we learn! I recently gained much from knowing another (FORMER) Charlotte Associate Pastor, John Smuts. God bless!

  3. […] Unashamed Workman writes about being a dispensable preacher HERE, and gives 20 reasons to read good Christian books […]

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