Puritans on Preaching – Don Kistler Lecture

December 7, 2007

Thoroughly enjoyed listening to Don Kistler this week on his favourite subject: the Puritans and preaching. Lots of insightful points, not least on the whole issue of balancing exposition and application.


Other Toolbox This Week

Willimon on Preaching
A Young Preacher’s Thoughts On Preaching – Practice Makes Better
Carson audio lectures – Missions and the Triumph of the Lamb
Lloyd Jones – Get to Know Yourself
The Five Points of Criticism
Mohler on the Golden Compass
Listen Up!
8 Ways To Get More Out Your Bible
Expositors Summer School – Edinburgh
Lloyd Jones on Emotion and Preaching
TF Torrance Dies (1913-2007)
How Does Your Day Start? Joy in the Morning?


  1. […] Some good stuff over at the Blazing Center:Mark Altrogge suggests 8 Ways to Get More out of Your Bibleand Stephen Altrogge considers starting the day right in Joy In The Morning (HT: Unashamed Workman) […]

  2. Thanks so much for linking to us in your blog. I really appreciate it, and I hope you find the Bible reading suggestions helpful!

  3. I want to serve God, and also know more about Him,because life without Jesus Christ is vanity.

  4. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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