Dever Lecturing on Preaching

November 30, 2007

This week’s Featured Toolbox was actually included in last weeks list. Worried as I am that it may have been lost in the shuffle, I wanted to ensure you didn’t miss Mark Dever’s excellent lectures on preaching. These three talks were delivered for the 2007 John Reed Miller Lecture Series.


Lecture 1 – the Symbol and Significance of Preaching
Lecture 2 – The Use of Preaching
Lecture 3 – The Art of Preaching

Other Toolbox This Week
CJ Mahaney on Biblical Masculinity and Fatherhood

Preaching in Spite of Persecution in India
I-Pod Food for Pastors
Phil Johnson pt 3 – the Word of God is precise
Breaking Writing Rules for Manuscripts
New Sovereign Grace Music Website
Crawford Loritts MP3 Sermons
Patrick Sookhdeo on the Challenge of Islam
Nine Marks Audio: Interview with Derek Thomas
Books for A Preacher’s Soul
Forum: On Choosing What to Preach Next
Elements of Good Preaching: the Life Study
Phil Johnson pt 2 – the word of God is penetrating
Phil Johnson pt 1 – the Word of God is powerful
Conrad Mbewe on Pastoral Purity
Greidanus: Six Steps to Historical Redemptive Sermons
Chuck Swindoll: Discipline in Study
Sinclair Ferguson: How the Pulpit Shapes the Pew
Steve Lawson: the God Driven Church (HT: Resolve)
Piper Responds to Witherington
Preach Like It May Be Their Last
Witherington Takes on Christian Hedonism
Good Reasons to Crossreference
Imposing Points on a Text?
Lloyd Jones Summary of Ephesians
Basic References: Recommendations
Piper: Multi site Church Models

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