The Fulwood Conference

November 16, 2007

I’m fighting the sin of jealousy this week. First a friend from church notified me that he would be attending the “Fullwood Conference.” Then, after the event, he pointed me to the audio. This surely was to punish me since I now realise what I missed! Carl Trueman, Dan Strange, Edward Lobb and Graham Benyon all gave talks on the theme of the church. Here are the treasured links:

Carl Trueman
– The Church in History: part one; part two

Dan Strange
– The Church in Culture: part one; part two

Graham Benyon
– Understanding the church: part one; part two

Edward Lobb
Titus 1:1- 2:10; Titus 2:1 – 3:7

Other Toolbox This Week

Piper’s Address to ETS on Justification
Bible Works or Logos?
Rob Bell – the gods aren’t angry?
Roger Nicole: How to Deal with those who Differ From us
Some Monday Reflections on a Longwinded Sunday
Grudem’s Advice on Preaching The Word
Joel Beeke on Targeting the Audience
An A-Z Outline!!
Q and A With Prof Patrick Collinson
Is there No End To This Man’s Talents – JP Does Dishes!
Three Common Preaching Errors
Choosing the Right Bible College – Brand
Top 10 Things To Say When Returning Home from Conference With Book Plunder
Worship Leading Seminars: Bob Kauflin

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  1. Is their a sister church in or close to Washington DC.

    Thnak you


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