A Global Community

November 12, 2007

Just the other week, I added one of those cluster maps to my blog. Very interesting. It not only gives me some indication of where people read this blog from, but in a strange way, its been a reminder of the global nature of Christ’s church. I work on just a tiny patch on God’s great and needy earth.


This reminded me of a John Piper quote regarding our remarkable inclusion in what God is doing throughout the world:

Picture in your mind a great, wise painter, painting on a huge canvas with many brushes, most of them very ordinary and messy. The painter is God, so you can’t picture him. He’s invisible. But he intends for his painting to be the visible display of his wisdom. He knows people can’t see him, but he wants his wisdom to be seen and admired. His canvas is huge. It’s the size of the created universe. I know you can’t really imagine looking at that canvas because you are in it.

But do your best. And God is painting with thousands and thousands of colors and shades and textures—a picture as big as the universe and as old as creation and as lasting as eternity—a picture we call history, with the central drama being the preparation, salvation, and formation of the church of Jesus Christ. And he is using thousands of different brushes, most of them very ordinary and very small because every minute detail is crucial in this painting, to display the wisdom of the Painter. These brushes are God’s missionaries.

(From Piper’s sermon The Unfathomable Riches of Christ for all Peoples, above all Powers, through the Church)


  1. Hey cool. I am one of those reading your blogs from Singapore. Just saying hi!

  2. Fascinating map. This is no reflection on you or your blog but it is interesting that according to the stats that I am familiar with, most of the converts in the world are in areas where there are fewer clusters of red balls. Camels and eyes of needles?

  3. I have been visiting the Unashamed Workman for some time and am always encouraged.

    Blessings from Bryan, Texas, USA

  4. Greetings from Manila, Philippines!
    I read your blog everyday and I find it very helpful.

    But I’m having a hard time finding Christ in every passage and exalt Him in my small group. I read your blog on Keller and I still find it difficult. Would you recommend other tips on this issue? Thanks!

    God bless!

  5. God the Son is not invisible, and it’s OK to picture Him.

  6. I am one of your readers from Peru!

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