The Idol Factory

November 5, 2007

Today I preached on Jeremiah chapter 44 under the title “Our Most Stubborn Sin.” The passage was a painful but pertinent expose on the sin of idolatry, and together we considered that:

i) idolatry has a past history (v 1-6)
ii) idolatry is a present problem (v 7-14)
iii) idolatry is a cunning competitor (v 15-23), and
iv) idolatry has a deadly conclusion (v24-30).


An exceptional piece of extra reading I appreciated on the theme was CJ Mahaney’s article: The Idol Factory. This talk is insightful, well researched, and provides some excellent quotes to chew over as well.


  1. Please can you check the link for the Mahaney article, which isn’t working. cheers.

  2. If you try the link now, it should be working,,,

  3. “The Idol Factory” is indeed a great read. Thanks!

  4. Hmm the link to the article isn’t working again…please help! Thanks!

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