Preaching Points Podcast

November 2, 2007

This really seems worth a listen: the Preaching Points Podcast. Coming out of Gordon Conwell Seminary, you’ll find here short audio clips on stand alone topics from the likes of Haddon Robinson, Jeff Arthurs and Scott Gibson.


Other Toolbox This Week

Good Questions About Pastor’s At Home
Facilitating Evangelism in the Church
Article: Calvin the Evangelist
New Books By Tripp and Welch
Audio: Life of Martin Luther (John Piper)
Reformation Day Synopsium
Evaluating Outlines
Worship and Idolatry
Open Air Preaching Doesn’t Work?
Audio: A Great Message for Pastors
Useful for Preachers – Argument Analysis
Gestation of the Biblical Text
Peter Grainger – Preaching Advice
Audio: How to Make the Most of Listening to Preaching (Piper)
Edward Lobb – Sharpening Up Your Preaching
Excellent Article: Fellowship Rediscovered
My Children: Blessings not Burdens!
Hanging out to the Glory of God
More than Preaching: A Vision for Shepherding God’s People

One comment

  1. […] Preaching Points Audio is a fairly new and brief podcast from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, that seeks to encourage preachers toward preaching excellence — Haddon Robbinson is one of the participants (via UW) […]

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