Expository Preaching Seminars

October 26, 2007

Being on holiday last week means that its a bumper Workman’s Toolbox today. My featured item this week is some practical thoughts on Expository Preaching by Dr Robert C Stone (Hillcrest Chapel, Washington).

The series of notes covers the sessions: The Introduction to Expository Preaching, The Preparation and Process of Expository Messages, The Principles of Interpretation and A Potpourri of Expository Questions and Texts.

Other Workman’s Toolbox

* Audio: Daniel Akin on Expository Preaching @ Southeastern
* The Cross: Your Greatest Criticism and Affirmation
* On Writing Book Reviews: Reinke
* Bible Exposition – Verse by Verse
* Why I Preach
* 9 Marks Workshop – Online for Free
* Choosing Stand Alone Sermons
* Lloyd Jones – Specialize in Preaching Jesus
* Joel Osteen and The Glory Story
* Applicationed To Death
* Better Bible Study Throughout The Church
* Audio: Alistair Begg, the Basics of Expository Preaching part A
* The Basics of Expository Preaching
* Expository Thoughts – Your Favorite Series
* Resolve Update
* Geoffrey Grogan – Advice for New Preachers
* How To Identify A Reliable Carrier of the Word
* How to Know Whether Preaching is For Me – Christopher Ash
* Dawkins and Lennox – Dawkins Debate Audio
* Able to Teach? – Pure Church
* Glorifying God With Your Senses
* Interview with Geoff Thomas
* Mohler: Recovering a Bold Vision of Expository Preaching
* Where and When Does One Pick Up the Faculty of Good Preaching?
* Reflecting on How We Read the News
* Thabiti: Leaders, Are We Hospitable?
* Perpetual Preaching Student?
* The Day I Missed The Point: MacArthur
* Interview with Ron Gleason: Fulfill the Ministry the Lord Has Given You

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