‘Lord, You Promised I Should Never Thirst’

October 25, 2007

Because of several recent bereavements in my home fellowship, it has struck me again how quickly circumstances can change. Married persons (perhaps married for decades) can suddenly find themselves single, children can lose parents, and closest friends may become sorely absent. In short: loving relationship can be quickly substituted for loneliness.


While pondering this I was reminded of something that great missionary to China, Hudson Taylor wrote, when his wife was half the world away in England:

“How lonesome were the weary hours when confined to my room. How I missed my dear wife and the little pattering footsteps of the children far away in England! Then it was I understood why the Lord had made that passage so real to me, “whosover drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst.”

Twenty times a day, perhaps, as I felt the heart thirst coming back, I cried to Him. O Lord you promised. You promised me that I should never thirst. And whether I called by day or night, how quickly he came and satisfied my sorrowing heart! So much so that I often wondered whether it were possible that my loved one who had been taken could be enjoying more of his presence than I was in that lonely chamber.”

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