The Problem With Preaching in 2007 (No, 1730!)

October 23, 2007

“The application of their discourses is either short, or indistinct and general. They difference not the precious from the vile, and divide not to every man his portion, according to the apostolic direction to Timothy. No! they carelessly offer a common mess to their people, and leave it to them to divide it among themselves, as they see fit. This is indeed their general practice, which is bad enough. But sometimes they do worse, by misapplying the Word, through ignorance or anger.

They often strengthen the hands of the wicked by promising him life. They comfort people before they convince them; sow before they plow; and are busy in raising fabric before they lay a foundation. These foolish builders do but strengthen men’s carnal security by their soft, selfish, cowardly discourses. They have not the courage, or honesty, to thrust the nail of terror into sleeping souls.”

(Gilbert Tennent, speaking of many of his contemporaries; quoted in Iain Murray, Jonathan Edwards – A New Biography, p133)


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