The Use of the Bible In Pastoral Counselling

October 11, 2007

I’m just back from a long round trip to Glasgow South side for Resolve 07 (thanks to Michael Leuhrmann for chumming me over and helping me get there!). Since I’ve not had opportunity to post today on pastoral matters, let me tell you what I’ll be listening to on my i-pod tomorrow: The Use of the Bible In Pastoral Counselling by Mike Bullmore (Gospel Coalition breakout session).


According to Resurgence,

In this breakout session, Mike attempts to answer two primary questions:

* What is the role of scripture in pastoral counseling?
* How do you use the Bible in pastoral counseling?

Ultimately it boils down to what you believe about the book we call The Bible. Mike asserts that you must believe the following 5 foundational convictions. And to the degree that you do not believe them your ability to minister will be greatly hampered.

1. The God-breathedness of scripture
2. The understandableness of scripture
3. The usefulness of scripture
4. The Efficacy of scripture
5. The authority of scripture


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