Word and Image

October 5, 2007

My American friend Tim Bridges has an interesting, short post over at the Conventicle this week entitled: “Word and Image.” It explains why the Puritans downplayed the place of image (quite contrary to what most homileticians seem to be suggesting today).

(Image courtesy of reformedcovenanter.wordpress.com)

Other Toolbox this Week

10 Things I’ve Learned About Ministry – Jim Martin
How NOT to Take Sermon Criticism
Grudem Lectures – Doctrine of the Atonement 1
The Life of David Brainerd Audio Book (HT: Desiring God blog)
Deconstructing Defeater Beliefs – Keller
Warnock Interviews Dever
How Do Ideas Develop?
Keller – Moralism vs Christ Centered Exposition
Expositors Conference 1
MacArthur: Messengers or Manipulators?
EY Mullins Lectures on Preaching
October at Beginning With Moses
Draw Your Child’s Heart Out
Desiring God ‘Stand’ Conference Audio
Audio: Certainties that Drive An Enduring Ministry (MacArthur)
Audio: Piper and MacArthur Interviewed
Public Prayer Tips From John Newton
Preaching Wrath to Those It Angers


  1. What a great blog! You have set this up really well. I will be back. Thanks for the link to my blog.

  2. thanks for the BeginningWithMoses linking.

  3. Jim and Dave,

    Not a problem. I appreciate the work you do on the blogs.


  4. Colin,

    Thanks for the link, brother.


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