Minor Reconstruction

September 27, 2007

Almost a year into Unashamed Workman, I’ve decided to make my first substantial change to the blog format. If you make this blog a regular stop, you will know that I usually blog six days – Monday through Saturday- with an exclusive focus on preaching. For sake of better balance and slightly reduced workload (blogs are a lot of work!!) I’ve decided to make two significant changes.

1. Posting will reduce to only five days: Monday to Friday. Stats tell me that a lot of you only check in on weekdays anyway.

2. Without diminishing the predominant preaching focus of Unashamed Workman, I’m hoping to dedicate one of the five days to pastoral matters. Though even more of a novice in this area than in preaching, it is fundamental to any preacher’s ministry to learn how to pastor the flock, both in the pulpit and beyond. Partly because this will help me to reflect more in this area – and partly since so few Christian blogs touch on pastoral matters – I hope this minor alteration might modestly attempt to begin plugging a huge gap.

So here is the future format:

BEYOND THE WORKSHOP (Monday)- all things beyond pastoral ministry. Focusing on our role as people, pastors of our homes, husbands etc.

CLASSIC MATERIALS (Tuesday)- Some helpful quote, usually on the theme of preaching

UNDER CONSTRUCTION (Wednesday): – This is where I reflect on my own preaching. Sometimes this will involve discussing an issue, other times it will be an interview, still at other times we will review a sermon.

BUILDING MAINTENANCE (Thursday): – The Pastoral Care focus.

WORKMAN’S TOOLBOX (Friday): – Rundown of the week’s links, especially suitable for preachers



  1. Thanks for the hard work, Colin. I’m looking forward to the helpful advice, discussion and conviction. A young pastor myself, I often feel lost shepherding our congregation outside the pulpit.

  2. Daily blogging on a pastor’s schedule is so difficult. I hope the new schedule helps your workload. Keep up the good work even if you have to cut back! I continue to benefit in my ministry from reading Unashamed Workman.

  3. The perennial temptation for bloggers is to sacrifice quality on the altar of quantity – especially the longer you blog. Looks like you have a good strategy for not falling into the trap!

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