And the Winner Is…

September 24, 2007

Apparently I’ve won an award. It seems that The Christian Blog & Web Awards 2007 (hosted by Premier Radio, London) have dubbed our humble webzine the “Most Inspiring Leadership Blog.” Quite encouraging when you consider that the leadership subject is preaching!

(Photo courtesy of Krish Kandiah)

For the complete list of winners (and some pics of what looks to have been a swanky ceremony) see the following links.

Christian blog awards: rundown of the winners
official photos
Krish Kandiah’s report
– Unfurling Flower blog posts its report
Another report

ps. Thanks to who ever nominated me, and thanks for the award. Do I get one of those nice trophies?!



  1. […] from Unashamed Workman, who didn’t know he’d been entered. Has there been a mixup of some […]

  2. You should’ve got a trophy on the night! Let us know if something went wrong!

    Well done! Every blessing

  3. Ah, now i remember that you couldn’t make it… It’ll be posted to you!

  4. Way to go, Colin! You’ve definitely earned that. Kudos in Christ from us puritans.

  5. I’ll add my congrats. I praise the Lord for your work on this blog. Well done, sir.

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