Illustrations Gone Bad

August 17, 2007

For this week’s Featured Toolbox I simply have to introduce you to a rather funny article by Scott Freeman about illustrations never fit to use.


I appreciate Scott’s humility in sharing the following illustration as one that his better judgment advised him not to use. Scott, I laugh with you (not at you) since I have similarly thought up some strange ones in my time! Here is the whole article – or alternatively the illustration that brought a smile to my face.

If you visit a restaurant, gas station or some similar establishment you will be given an opportunity to choose your particular beverage of choice. What you will notice at these establishments is that your selection will usually be either Coke products or Pepsi products. But rarely will you have the option for both. That is because Coke and Pepsi are bitter rivals. Most places will not enter into a contract with both companies.

Yet at each of these locations you will most likely have the additional choice of Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper is equally disbursed among Coke and Pepsi locations. And in the instances where Coke and Pepsi are on the same drink station? Yep, Dr. Pepper is there.

The folks at Dr. Pepper haven’t entered into the brutal cola wars that have consumed Coke and Pepsi. We need to be Dr. Pepper Christians. We need to be people who are equally comfortable with all the beverage choices out there. Uniters, not dividers.

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  1. That is classic! Thanks for sharing that one.


  2. Yes, this is funny. Thanks for linking to my blog. I have put a link to your blog on mine. I like your blog, and want to encourage you to keep up your good work. Rev. Lane Keister

  3. Thanks for linking my articles on expositional preaching and watching a movie series. I have toured you blog and I really appreciate your dedication to sound preaching. Also, I am encouraged to see someone else out there who views their blog as a chance to equip people. Equipping the body for the ministry is a major facet in my philosophy of ministry and I am glad to see you offering orthodox resources for the pastoral and laymen community. I will also add a link to your blog on my site. In Christ, Billy Marsh

  4. You may also be interested in two of my other main preaching posts (I’ve only been blogging for a few months so I haven’t accumulated a lot of material yet) on Preaching Christ in all of Scriptures: There are no Substitutes for Jesus Found in the Written Word and Part(2): Erasmus on the Presence of Jesus in the Scriptures in my categorie labeled “Preaching”. Thanks. http://www.abettercountry.wordpress.com

  5. Hey, thanks for the link. I’m afraid to say there are plenty more bad sermon illustrations where that came from 😀

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