Memorable Sermons

August 15, 2007

In light of today’s earlier post, I thought I might link you to some of the most memorable sermons I’ve heard PG preach. Well worth a download to your ipod.

“Wrestling with the Lord” (Genesis 32:22-32)
“No Other God” (Exodus 20:3)
“In Vain?” (Psalm 127)
“In the Divorce Court” (Jeremiah 2)
“Amen?” (Jeremiah 11)
“Where Wrath and Mercy Meet” (Hosea)
“Alone” (Mark 14:53-72)
“Sentenced to death” (Mark 15:1-20)
“Forsaken” (Mark 15:21-
“Buried and Raised” (Mark 15:42-16:20)
“Mid Year Resolution” (Hebrews 12:1-3)



  1. I am not sure if this series is on the web, but PG preached a wonderful series in Ephesians in 1999. His sermons on chapter 1 in particular had a massive impact on me.

  2. I found great help in the six-part series “The Man who Prayed”, on Elijah. Unfortunately, I can’t work out a way to link to the series from the Charlotte Chapel website, but armed with the title, date (2003), and preacher (Peter Grainger), it should be easily findable at http://www.charlottechapel.org!

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