Exceptional Pressure, Extra Grace

August 10, 2007

Thursday (rather than Tuesday!) is an exceptionally late start for my sermon preparation. But due to a couple of days off this week, this has been my lot. While I wouldn’t want to make this my normative pattern, I am finding that the Lord’s grace has been sufficient. Should I be surprised?


Yesterday I was able to study the passage to a reasonable degree and prepare my rough outline. Today – God willing – I am on course to write the sermon up. I would never have thought it possible!

I wonder, preachers, if you have found God’s grace to be lavish when you have been ‘up against it?’ Has there a ‘worst case scenario’ in terms of prep time that actually turned out to demonstrate God’s power in your weakness?

Or maybe you’re too busy doing last minute sermon writing…


  1. Been there, done that, and yes, God has given sufficient grace. Sometimes I’ve wondered whether or not I misuse my extra time when I have it, because when I have less time I still get the work done.

    I’m new to the work, but my thought has been, get the sermons prepared, then whatever time is left, go and evangelize. But I never have any time left. I’m now thinking, go and evangelize, and then start the sermons after. I haven’t tried it though.

  2. Once I had a series of extraordinarily crazy events converge on my life in such a way that I verbally devised a topical preaching outline and the relevant texts–with my wife scribbling it all down and looking up the passages I named to help me know where to begin and end each reading–all while driving to my preaching engagement. God the Holy Spirit filled in the blanks and the sermon flowed ever so smoothly. I was deeply grateful that God honored himself through a barely ready me on that far-less-than-ideal occasion!

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