Spiritual Mid-Life Crisis?

August 6, 2007

“Maybe you’ve been a Christian for quite a few years. But if truth is told, you are now flagging in your faith. You’re struggling. Maybe nobody else knows that. Or some people suspect it. Maybe you haven’t stopped going to church, but its not how it used to be. You’re just putting in appearances really. Things are tough, and you’re actually tempted to give up. The message for you this morning is: keep going.”


“Maybe you’re are a Christian who’s run the Christian race for many, many years – and you’re in great danger of falling at the last hurdle. You might think when you’ve been a Christian for donkey’s years that’s not possible. I say to all of us who have been on the Christian path for many, many years…. keep praying that you don’t fall at the last hurdle.”

Listen to the whole of Peter Grainger’s challenging sermon here.


One comment

  1. I am still feeling challenged and encouraged from this message. I praise the Lord for it.


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