Second Life Evangelism?

July 30, 2007

Today the Times newspaper carried a fascinating story about one Catholic journal encouraging adherents to proselytize on the computer medium “Second Life.” I for one don’t have the time (nor inclination!) to get involved in this virtual world. But I do wonder if on any point of principle Christians shouldn’t engage with it? Perhaps some of you have first hand experience of Second Life. How challenging is it to be “in” this world but not “of” it?



  1. I know that LifeChurch.tv has opened up a virtual church in SecondLife. They have definitely dabbled in this new “world”.

    The question we must always “ask”, how does the medium effect the message? Mediums are not neutral, ala Neil Postman.

  2. Thanks for this. I had actually never heard of SecondLife. This is an interesting issue.

  3. We’ve done a page on this at Internet Evangelism Day:


    It is certainly an interesting phenomenon!



  4. There’s no difference between evangelising on second life or on the internet at large. There is no shortage of Christians there, Catholics and others.

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