What Are the Workmen Up To?

July 19, 2007

What an immense privilege we have in 2007. No longer, preachers, do we only need to listen to our own voice! With the mere click of a button, we can ‘sit under’ some of the most gifted expositors on the planet, benefiting weekly from their God-exalting preaching. We might even decide to follow a series by one expositor over a series of weeks. So – what are some of the ‘workmen’ up to these days?


Mark Dever has been asking questions about Jesus from Luke’s gospel

John Piper is continuing a ‘short’ series (6 months now!) on the subjects of marriage, singleness and divorce.

Steve Lawson is preaching through Mark’s gospel

Al Mohler has recently completed his studies of the 10 commandments

Conrad Mbewe is sojourning through an all-encompassing doctrinal series

Dale Ralph Davis
has been tackling 1 Kings and Genesis

Philip Ryken is also addressing 1 Kings

Sinclair Ferguson has been considering the 7 churches in Revelation

Thabiti Anyabwile is marching through Matthew, but slowing his pace for the Sermon on the Mount

Liam Golligher is teaching on the gospel according to Isaiah

Tim Keller is also working through the ten commandments

Mark Ashton is expositing 1 Corinthians

AllSouls London have four sermons series at once: Esther, Jeremiah, Hosea and a topical series on money

Vaughan Roberts has just finished the book of Daniel

Alistair Begg
is thinking about Jonah

Now, I’m sure I’ve missed somebody….


  1. Colin,

    Thank you for putting all of these links together. We are a blessed people to have access to all of these preachers at the touch of a button. I hope to listen my way through some of the series you mentioned.

    Thanks again,


  2. thanks for these; a couple of the links got to Dale Davis’ church (eg.Mark Dever) – am I missing something?

  3. Appreciate that Alan. Fixed it…

  4. […] are worth listening to. I was going to compile a list but someone’s done it for me. Check out Unashamed Workman for a list of great […]

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