Burning Out?

July 16, 2007

“Burning out” is overrated. For one thing, it often represents a premature end to someone’s gospel ministry. In addition, it often fails to camouflage a minister’s poor handling of pastorate pressures over a multitude of years. Many pastors have ‘gone up in smoke’ when they could have burned on for so much longer.


So if you’re on the burnout border-line, why not commit to reading Mark Driscoll’s posts (Death By Ministry) over the course of this week? And let the firefighting begin!

Death by Ministry (part one)
Death by Ministry (part two)
Death by Ministry (part three)
Death by Ministry (part four)
Death by Ministry (part five)
Death by Ministry (part six)
Death by Ministry (part seven)
Death by Ministry (part eight)
Death by Ministry (part nine)


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