Family Driven Faith?

July 2, 2007

Four days on from the birth of my third child, it seems like a good time to brush up on the practicals of parenting. As it happens, I’ve just began reading “Family Driven Faith” by Voddie T Baucham Jnr – with the goal of reviewing it in the near future. This book is full of practical advice about integrating our Christian faith with life at home. If like me, you struggle more with practicing the imperatives of parenting – rather than simply knowing the indicatives – you might appreciate a few of Voddie’s simple suggestions:


* Make a commitment to read through a book in the Bible with your family over the next week. Try to carve out a specific time each day to just read the text aloud.
* Buy a bible for every member of your family.
* Once you have established a habit of reading the Bible, try to find a family devotional or a short family Bible study you can go through as a family.
* Read and re-read the biblical texts concerning parenting
* Memorize the Ten Commandments with your children
* Sit down with your spouse, and write down your expectations concerning the discipline of your children. After each of you has written your list, compare, contrast and synthesize the lists
* Take a look at your calender. Do you have time written down for your family? Do they appear as much as they should?
* Make a commitment to sitting down for at least one meal a day as a family.
* Consider your relationship (with your wife) from your children’s perspective. Do they know that you and your spouse love each other?


One comment

  1. Thanks for this, Colin. I’ve been listening to a few of Voddie B’s sermons recently. Much wisdom! As one with grown-up-and-(pretty-much)-gone kids, I’d add another bullet point: Start early!

    If anyone is interested, go to this page (a page that has been linked from your blog before, I think), and scroll down to “Champion Forest Baptist Church, Houston, TX”. You’ll see these three sermons:

    * Authentic Worship
    * Multi-Generational Faithfulness, Part I
    * Multi-Generational Faithfulness, Part II

    All are worth a listen!

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