Simple, Hard, Hard Questions

June 25, 2007

Several weeks ago I was enjoying listening to the concluding talk of a short series of historical profiles. Christopher H Ross (of Conventicle fame) was drawing our attention to four common threads in the otherwise varied lives of Athanasius, Martin Luther, William Carey and Amy Carmichael. The common denominators were: immersion in Scripture, thriving prayer life, pattern of obedience and pre-occupation with Jesus Christ.


All was going well until Chris made things practical [don’t you hate it when history gets practical!] How were we getting on in these areas? To make things worse, Chris then challenged us to ask some simple but hard questions:

Do I have a love for God’s Word?
Am I willing to make the study of it, and the application of it, my life’s pursuit?
Will I cultivate intimacy with God through prayer?
Am I willing to part with all sins for His sake?
Will I obey his voice, no matter what he asks?
Do I know the Lord Jesus well?
How much of my Christian life is really centered on him?

Speak to you tomorrow once I’ve wrestled with some of these.

One comment

  1. great questions for consideration…

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