Six Months Old

June 18, 2007

On the 11th of December 2006 I felt the strong urge to start a blog. Such a strong sense of compulsion does not usually typify me, and on many themes – almost any theme – I’m sure I would not have had the enthusiasm to blog consistently. The difference has been that my aim was to discuss preaching, something I love and value highly. I thank God that I have learned a great deal during these last months while reflecting with you on some of preaching’s various components.


This week being the 6 month anniversary of Unashamed Workman, I would love to get some feedback. It really helps to know what the regular readers (about three hundred of you daily) think about the content. I’ve got three main questions.

1) What aspects of the blog have you found especially helpful?
2) Is there anything you haven’t liked?
3) Is there anything I am not covering that you would like to see featured?

Thank you for reading.



  1. Colin,
    Congrats on 6 months, I hope many more to come! As a frequent, almost daily reader, I find the “Questions for Expositors” especially helpful as well as the “toolbox” items. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. As a young expositor it is a joy and great help to read and learn from what is posted here

  2. Colin,
    You’ve done a terrific job with this blog. You’ve accomplishing your aim with this blog, feeding and encouraging preachers.

    1) Your structured, consistent format.


    3)I’ve enjoyed how you’ve devoted some space to honoring and learning from some lesser known preachers. I think that’s very important to do in this day and age of big name preachers who can be heard at will on the internet, often eclipsing the work of thousands of faithful, unknown unashamed workmen. I’d like to see you keep going down this trail.

  3. I’ll add my vote to Matt’s. The “Questions for Expositors” and especially the toolbox entries are both fantastic.

    I surely appreciate all your hard work on this blog. I think it is terrific and a great help to me, for sure.

  4. You consistently put out excellent stuff, especially for a young preacher like myself who’s looking to absorb as much knowledge about preaching as possible. I also have to agree that the Q&A posts as practically invaluable.

  5. Perhaps the biggest thing that I like about your post is the way you have planned out your postings. For example you know what kind of post you will post on each day. That is a great thing, and I wish to emulate that at some point.

  6. I’ve been tremendously stirred by many of your posts. Like, for example, the one about throwing the preacher into his study and locking the door. I like those provoking urges for preachers to be preachers, not administrators or church business gurus or a host of other extremely tempting things that militate against the primary aspects of that primitive call to devote ourselves “to the Word and prayer” (Acts 6.4). Apart from those provoking aspects, I’ve been helped a great deal by the interviews. And your toolbox posts without fail have something helpful that I might add to my article binder, IPOD, or bookmark menu. Yours is one of only about 3 blogs that I look at daily. I’d have a difficult time thinking of how a blog could be more helpful to preachers than to put up the kind of stuff you continually put up. I’m sure it takes a great deal of work for which I and I’m sure many many others are deeply grateful.

  7. I have been enjoying and benefitting from reading Unashamed Workman even though I am not a pastor, just a regular fellow who sits in the pew. I live in an area in the US that has few reformed options.

    The interviews and q&a’s are helpful to me in understanding and appreciating the hard work that goes into the pastor’s role, and in spotting the “counterfeits”.

    Although I most likely never preach in church, I hope that it is helping me shepherd my family.

  8. I’ve subscribed you to Unashamed Workman on my WordPress Blog Surfer, but I have to admit I don’t check it very regularly.

    Congratulations for six months of obediently blogging! To answer your question number three, you should blog whatever that the Holy Spirit inspires you to.


  9. I read your blog almost every day and find the questions for expositors especially helpful. The insights from thsoe like Spurgeon are also helpful.

    I’d love to see some stuff on engaging with culture in our preaching, the balance between edification and evangelism in our preaching and your thoughts and those of your interviewees on preaching to/reaching men.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  10. Colin,

    I enjoy the site greatly; it is a daily stop for me.

    Particularly I am encouraged by a like passion for preaching for the glory of Christ.

    Also, your consistent reference to other sites that prove helpful for preachers is much appreciated.

    Keep kindling the gift in yourself and others (2 Tim.1.6)


  11. I found your blog on google about 2 months ago while looking up expositors. I try to get here at least 3 times a week. I’m not a preacher just a fellow follower of Christ. I can tell you this blog has helped me in many ways. i learned about Spurgeon here and love reading and studying his sermons. Piper, MacArthur,my favorie,Stott, and the many other workman have become regular reads for me. God bless you and all the unashamed workman who have contributed to this blog!!!!

  12. You’re doing good work here, Colin. I hope you keep it up for many months more.

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