Featured Toolbox: Preaching Resources

June 16, 2007

For this Saturday’s Featured Toolbox, I’d like to point you to the excellent “Resources for Preachers” page, maintained by Peter F Whyte of Gilnahirk Baptist Church, Ireland. This page contains a raft of links to articles, sermons, and lectures about preaching, and also recommends helpful books on the subject. In many ways, it is similar to the page over at Monergism, but more extensive.

Other Toolbox This Week

A Timely Reminder – The Gospel Is the Power of God
Monergism June Update
Ruth Bell Graham Dies
RTS Reading List
Audio – Defending Penal Substitution
Death By Ministry – Driscoll (part one)
Soul Care Resources – Pawlinson
Discerning Reader Book Opportunity
Oh Dear…Preach My Sermon
50 Questions For Pastors to Ask
Accepting Your Church Size – Keller (*)
No Notes Preaching
Does Doctrine Really Matter?
A Bereans Discernment Tool for Purpose Driven Life
Religion vs Gospel
Derek Prime – Recommended Reads


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