Featured Toolbox: Rightly Handling the Truth

June 9, 2007

More often than not Steve Lawson finds his way into my i-pod these days. Today’s Featured Toolbox links you to a series of three talks this pastor from Mobile, Alabama gave on the theme “How to Understand the Bible: Keys to Rightly Handling the Truth.” Covering 20 keys to biblical interpretation, these are not only useful refreshers for preachers but also a vital study for all members of the congregation.

Keys to Rightly Handling the Truth p. 1 mp3
Keys to Rightly Handling the Truth p. 2 mp3
Keys to Rightly Handling the Truth p. 3 mp3
(HT: Faith by Hearing)

Complete Toolbox for this week:

Basics Conference Messages
Blog Writing Debate
Review – Him we Proclaim
No to Nooma?
Handling the Imprecatory Psalms
Hate the Prosperity Gospel?
Tips for Better Blog Writing!
Church Planting in Major City Centres – Keller
Sermons For Little People
Staying Put In A Text (part one)
How Do You Fight Lust?
Alistair Begg MP3 Links
What’s Wrong with Gender Neutral Bible Translations?
Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World DVD
Why Join A Church?

Where Christ is Not Preached
Online Theology Courses At I-Tunes
Feeling Busy?
Excellent Resource – Religion facts
Exegetical Preaching vs Topical Preaching
The Preacher’s Choice – Keller
Happy Birthday Pure Church!
Latest Sermon: Jeremiah 26
Reformation 21 – latest issue

Resources for Preachers
Top Ten Books on Piety
Free Download: Best of Edwards Sermons
Insight into a Pastor’s Heart
How many New Christian Books?



  1. Colin,

    Thank you for putting the complete toolbox in the post at the end of the week. If you can, please continue to do that. I receive your posts via RSS so I don’t always see the toolbox each day but this post with it listed in the post in my RSS reader was awesome…thanks and keep it up…love your blog man…


  2. Thanks!!!

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