Most Helpful Talks

May 12, 2007

Updating my i-pod this weekend, I noticed my little subfolder marked “favourites.” This hallowed place only contains the best of the best talks I’ve listened to this year. Here are some that I’ve found most challenging in no particular order.


* Alistair Begg – “Preach the Word!”
* Don Carson – Why Trust a Cross?, the role of an elder and lecture on the New Perspective
* Mark Dever – Promises made (overview of the OT)
* John Piper – Why expositional preaching is particularly glorifying to God, and Always singing one note (William Tyndale)
* Bryan Chapell – “the lightbearers”
* Tim Keller – “Born of the gospel” and “The Supremacy of Christ and the gospel in a postmodern world”
* RC Sproul – “The centre of Christian preaching”
* Thabiti Anyabwile – “the glory of pervasive holiness in the life of a pastor”
* Several Jeremiah sermons by my own preaching pastor, especially “The divorce court”, “Amen?”, and “At the point of no return”

Workman’s Toolbox
– The Basics Conference audio is now available, as well as online video
Preacher, give me Christ or I die…
Willow Creek are refocusing slightly to address “the deep truths of God” with more mature disciples (HT: Pulpit Magazine)

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  1. Thanks for the letting us into your goldmine.

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