Workman’s Toolbox

May 5, 2007

* This guy can preach!
* In response to some of the posts here, Mark Combs is trying to “find himself” in terms of preaching style.
* John Piper’s sermon at his father’s funeral.
* Stephen Watson, with a little help from John MacArthur says “we need preaching”
* A stimulating little video about “Christ Centred Preaching”
* Don’t forget to read “Nine Marks on Preaching”

* Steve Lawson on Whitefield’s Rock – my favourite post this week!
* Justin Taylor has scrapped his snap preview; I did the same recently.
* Watch Mark Driscoll’s church planting video which Bill Hybels publicly criticised for not speaking of women church planters.
* But Matt Perry is officially off the Driscoll bandwagon.
* An interesting blog I hadn’t come across before: Mark Meynell who wrote an excellent little book called “Cross Examined.”
* Fellow Scots, training for preachers is steadily improving. This year you have your pick of a Cornhill Course for younger ministers or lay preachers, or an excellent new initiative called “Preachers Workshops.”
* An interesting article about Joyce Meyer, an increasingly popular preacher today.
* Raymond Van Neste is writing about reinvigorating the practice of baptism



  1. Steve Lawson at “Whitefield’s Rock” was excellent! There are some old maps of Edinburgh that give the location of the Orphan Park, the site of Whitefield’s preaching to thousands in Edinburgh. It’s somewhere between the base of Calton Hill and Waverly, I reckon. The scene plays out a little differently in that modern setting!

    Mark Driscoll’s video made me nervous, and not in a good way. The commentary by the Internet Monk (Michael Spencer), and the conversation in the comment thread, addressed the nub of my concerns.

    And now “Snap” has gone … is it time to implement a comment preview facility? 🙂

    SHALOM! David Reimer

  2. “which Bill Hybels publicly criticised ” ???

    Did he ?

    What did he say ?

    As far as I can tell , what he said was…
    “After that video i would like to acknowledge that there are women in this room and they have spiritual gifts.”

    Where is the criticism?

    It seems many blogs are reporting this as a “defense” of Mark Driscoll, but no quotes are being made as to what Bill Hybels said!!

  3. Colin,

    Just wanted to mention that Conrad Mbewe spoke yesterday twice at the True Church Conference which I have been live-blogging. I have also included some info and MP3’s of his preaching in the info section of the first post. Here are the two sessions:



    You can also find some photos of Conrad preaching I took here:

    True Church Banner

    Lastly, Paul Washer is preaching today twice. If you like Conrad, you will certainly enjoy Paul.


    Timmy Brister

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