Workman’s Toolbox

April 21, 2007

Welcome to another Saturday’s Workman’s Toolbox. Enjoy browsing….


* Steve Mathewson has some thoughts on sermon length
* Anthony Carter gives reasons why preachers should be good readers (HT: Challies)
* Andreas Kostenberger has suggestions for what we should put in our reference library
* Preaching Hell in an Intolerant Age: Brimstone for the Broadminded by Tim Keller. Well worth reading.
* Pyromaniacs reviews Tremper Longman III’s Proverbs commentary
* See if you agree with JD Greer: that its possible to preach an expository sermon without preaching the gospel.

* Josh Harris with Seven P’s for planning services
* Spring Harvest and Word Alive are to split.
* John MacArthur addresses the Virginia Shootings (HT: Desiring God blog)
*This looks like a really cool edition of the ESV bible.
* Al Mohler offers his ten favourite biographies
* Ligonier has put its Table Talk magazine online this month: the theme is grief. (HT: JT)
* Rowan Williams wrong reading of Romans? (HT: JT)
* Find summaries of the chapters in a new book: The Emergent Manifesto. An eye opener to the range of Emergent perspectives.


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