A Systematic Approach to Sermon Listening

April 20, 2007

Like many people, I listen to a lot of sermons as I travel to work, do some exercise, or even whilst putting my back into the hoovering! But some time ago the realisation came to me that my listening habits are completely hotch-potch. Too often I download sermons on the basis of who preaches, with no concern for what they will address.


This might be more unhelpful than I realise. If Paul’s concern was to preach “the whole counsel of God”, then the evident requirement for preachers is to grow in understanding that comprehensive counsel. Why then, did I not reflecting this through a more systematic approach to sermon listening?

So…..I started to compile a list of sermons that would take me systematically through a book. Find below what I’ve been listening to with regards Genesis (you’ll notice there’s some variety in the preachers) approximately at the rate of one sermon a day. If you can suggest any other good online sermons on Genesis – preferably in reasonable sized chunks – do let me know. From time to time, I’ll hope to publish my listening lists for your interest.

1. “Our Creator God” – Donald Whitney
2. “The Beginning of the human race” – Richard Trist (registration)
3. “Tragedy in the Garden” – David Turner (registration)
4. “The conflict” – John Stott (registration)
5. “The Reign of the Grim Reaper and the Rapture of Enoch” – Hugenberger
6. “The beginning of judgment” – Paul Williams (registration)
7. “The Great Flood and the Saving Ark” – Simon Lewis Johnson (hereafter, SLJ)
8. “Noah’s House Saved, the World Condemned” – SLJ
9. “Genesis 9” – Thabiti Anyabwile
10. “The Table of Nations; or the History of the Sons of Noah ” – SLJ
11. “All man’s Babylon” – R Kent Hughes
12. The Patriarch (Abraham and Christ) – John Stott (registration)
13. “The Land is before you” – R Kent Hughes
14. “The Faith of the Father of the Faithful: Uncompromising” – SLJ
15. “Follow the Rock” – Alex Motyer (registration)
16. “Ishmael – the Product of Doing God’s Will in the Power of the Flesh” -SLJ
17. “The seed of Abraham” – Hugenberger.
18. “Abraham Visited by His Friend; or the Intimacies of the Divine Fellowship” -SLJ
19. “Sodom, Lot and the Harvest of Sowing to the Flesh” – SLJ
20. “Old Sins” – R Kent Hughes
21. “The Promise Fulfilled in the Weaning of Abraham” – SLJ
22. “The Lord will Provide” – Steve Lawson
23. “Sarah’s Death and the Power of the Resurrection” – SLJ
24. “A Bride for Isaac” – SLJ
25. “The begining of election” – Richard Trist (registration)
26. “Isaac – the Passive and Patient Patriarch” – SLJ
27. “Pilfered Blessing” – R Kent Hughes
28. “Jacob’s Ladder: Grace Unsought, Unstinted and Unforgettable” – SLJ
29. “Deceiver Deceived” – R Kent Hughes
30. “Jacob in the Crucible of Divine Discipline” – SLJ
31. “The Stirring Up of Jacob’s Nest” – SLJ
32. “Jacob – Wrestling with God” – Peter Grainger
33. “After Peniel, God’s Fighter Retreating” – SLJ
34. “Jacob at Shechem; or Worldliness, Its Character and Cure” – SLJ
35. “Residuals” – R Kent Hughes
36. “Lessons from the Generations of Esau” -SLJ
37. “Joseph – Beloved, Hated and Sold” – SLJ
38. “Indecent Exposure” -Liam Golligher
39. “Joseph – Tested and Triumphant” – SLJ
40. “Jail House Rock” – Liam Goligher
41. “Joseph’s Exaltation; or from Prison to Prime Minister” – SLJ
42. “The Persistent Power of a Guilty Conscience” – SLJ
43. “Mercy in Egypt” – R Kent Hughes
44-45. “Consternation, Mediation, Reconciliation” – SLJ
45-46 – “Jacob – Surprised, Sustained and Satisfied by the God of Jacob” – SLJ
47. “Prospering in Egypt” – R Kent Hughes
48. “Blessing Joseph’s Sons” – SLJ
49-50. “The end of the beginning” -Paul Blackman (registration)


  1. I remember Alistair Begg doing a series on Joseph which was top drawer. But I don’t know if the audio exists somewhere online. Good chatting to you the other month by the way; I sent you an e-mail the other day; it failed before did it work this time?

  2. […] free email list and or to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!The very interesting Blog Unashamed Workman has a post up on systematic sermon listening. The author notes that he listens to a lot of sermons, but has not systematically listened to […]

  3. Scott, I’ve heard one or two of those Joseph sermons, and I remember them being excellent.

    Got the mail and will be in touch.

  4. What a great idea and now I have a better way of organizing the sermons I download. Looking forward to your future lists.

  5. You should start a wiki and get people to help you populate it with good audio sermons from every book/chapter in the Bible. Now that would be a helpful resource.

  6. There’s a great series from Mark Driscoll on Genesis, about 50 sermons if I remember correctly. Verse-by-verse through the whole book. It’s at the website of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, where he’s the pastor. All his sermons for the past 10 years or so (which are mostly verse-by-verse through books, currently Nehemiah) are available there for free download. I like his preaching a lot. Thanks for this list, too.

  7. […] very interesting Blog Unashamed Workman has a post up on systematic sermon listening. The author notes that he listens to a lot of sermons, but has not systematically listened to […]

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