Workman’s Toolbox

April 14, 2007

Its Saturday, so time for Workman’s Toolbox. Find below a round up of posts I found especially interesting this week.


* I’m a bit concerned about Piper’s latest preaching technique: Expository Combustion?!
* This post by Jim Gardner really made me think. To what degree are we willing to open our pulpits to young preachers?
* Why sometimes less is more in preaching over at Preachingtoday.
* I don’t agree with most of what this chap says, but its a common view about preaching today.

* Excellent audio messages from a recent conference titled “Theology Driven Ministry” including speakers Sinclair Ferguson and Paul Tripp.
* Alexander Strauch with four lectures on Leadership. (HT: Justin Taylor)
* Christianity Today are running with John Piper’s recent article on hearing the voice of God, in response to a previous article. (HT: Eric Raymond)
* Mark Dever has some good thoughts on “How to Pick a Seminary.”
* What books or articles should I read on the gospel? Here are 21 ideas.
* JI Packer (via Al Mohler) on The Logic of Penal Substitution
* Some Iain Murray lectures (audio) pertaining to his book “A Scottish Christian Heritage.” (HT: Challies)

Finally, a great quote I picked up this week from Mark Driscoll
“Jesus’ name should be spoken repeatedly throughout a sermon so that it is clear which God you are speaking of. Jesus should be the hero of every sermon, the answer to every question, and the hope for every person. Jesus promised that if He is lifted up He would draw people and the key to church growth is the exaltation of Jesus.”




  1. Thanks for those Colin, very interesting. Enjoying looking at your blog as often as possible! Keep up the good work.

    Simon – http://www.biblog.org.uk

  2. Colin

    Could we have a link for the 21 articles? Sounds like a Anglican revisionist sect!

  3. Sorry Phil, I’ve added that link now…

  4. In most of our inspired Scriptures Jesus hardly gets a mention…

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