Workman’s Toolbox

April 7, 2007

* Preaching Today has a new weblog. (HT: Transforming Sermons)
* OK, so I’m not so sure about this. The congregation texting you with questions during your sermon!
* Kostenberger lists his favourite NT commentaries. (HT: Justin Taylor)
* Desiring God has a whole raft of Easter resources.
*Anthony Carter links us to a whole list of African-American preachers who are worth a listen. (HT: Pure Church)

* Before gathering tomorrow with God’s people, read the really superb post from Eric Raymond on “A Resurrection Day Posture worth Pondering.”
* Matt Schmucker has some useful thoughts on Pastor’s Sabbaticals.
* A health update from Alistair Begg.
* This is quite an amazing post on Justin Taylor’s blog. Plenty of wow factor!
* “God Tube” (as opposed to You Tube) is now here. (HT: Tim Challies)
* For those of you wishing to think through the issue, Expository Thoughts has commenced a new series of posts on Particular Redemption.
* How many of us have a robust theology of the ascension? Read Justin Buzzard’s interview with Gerit Scott Dawson on the subject.
* Finally….John Owen made easy. (HT: The Conventicle)


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