David Jackman on 1 Peter 4-5 (pt two)

March 29, 2007

The latest Workman Watch has spilled over into a two-parter. There is a simple reason for this: David Jackman’s excellent sermon on 1 Peter 4 and 5 was longer than I anticipated. The benefit of this has been (hopefully) that you’ve had time to listen to the whole thing in the meantime. Here now is my full review….


How long was the sermon?
53 minutes 30 seconds.

What was the opening sentence?
‘Our series has been called “Good lives among the pagans” and this morning we come to the theme with which the letter closes “Suffering for the Lord”, and a very positive and strategic view of that suffering.’

What was the introduction about?
Martin Luther King’s reform movement which did good even though suffering. This is a somewhat close modern parallel to what Peter describes in this section.

What was the outline?

Part One – Strategies for Suffering
1. Don’t be surprised (4:12-13)
a) its for your strengthening
b) its for your glory

2. Don’t be ashamed (4:14,16)
a) you bear his name
b) you share his Spirit

3. Don’t be diverted (4:17-19)
a) keep trusting your Creator
b) keep delighting in his will

Part Two – Strategies for Shepherding
Good leadership (5:1 – 4)
Proper humility (5:5 – 7)
Resisting the real enemy (5:8 – 9)
Remaining steadfast (5:10 – 11)
Assurance of grace (5:12 – 14)

What aspects of Jackman’s style did you appreciate?
a) A lack of flashiness. There is nothing glitsy about Jackman, but he is an interesting, clear speaker. I appreciate this in an age when so many preachers are trying hard to be ‘cool.’

b) Jackman is literally fastened to the text from start to finish, and is especially gifted at pointing the congregation to the text.

c) The way that Jackman applied as he went along, almost point by point. In a more lengthy message (52 minutes) no doubt this is especially important. 50 minutes of explanation and a brief application at the end wouldn’t be good!

What will you remember in a week’s time?
Jackman’s point that what we do with our anxiety is actually a test of our humility.

What one aspect of Jackman’s preaching will you seek to adopt into your own? A greater faithfulness to the text, knowing that is “the gospel” which is the power of God for salvation, not my preaching style.

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