Workman’s Toolbox

March 24, 2007

Find the latest Workman’s Toolbox links below….

* Expository Thoughts discusses some “common mistakes” in preaching the OT.
* Hercules Collins on how to prepare a sermon.
*Dan Philips, over at Pyromaniacs, chats about context sensitive preaching.
* The Thirsty Theologian isn’t happy about a new trend: video church.
* A superb list of links to Don Carson material. (HT: Irish Calvinist)

* Watch last week’s atheism debate between Alistair McGrath and Professor Atkins, which took place here in Edinburgh. My ministry colleague James Anderson also recommends a previous debate between Atkins and William Lane Craig.
* John Piper writes one of the best articles I’ve read for a while: The Morning I Heard the Voice of God.
* Max Lucado has been forced to step down from his pastor’s role.
* Yet another great series is underway from Thabiti Anyabwilie: The Pastor’s Heart in Paul’s Letters.
* Charles Spurgeon’s recipe for church growth.
* A useful article for your congregation: on how they should prepare for sermons.
* Mark Dever shares two painful lessons he has learned from another pastor’s fall. (HT: Justin Taylor)
* 12 ideas about how to become a better reader by Douglas Groothius (HT: PastorResourcesBlog)

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  1. Great looking toolbox – I will be checking in often!

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