Three Reasons to Give Thanks

March 8, 2007

I don’t usually get personal on this blog (its about preaching, not about this preacher) but today I will. I’m feeling quite reflective this morning. And thankful. There are several reasons…


First, this is my birthday. As always on the 8th of March, I’m looking to the past, surveying the present, and dreaming about the future. God has been extraordinarily good to me and my family this past year. There have been many temporal blessings. But most of all, I feel a great sense of thankfulness to Him for his unfailing love in Christ.

Second, this is the anniversary of my grandfather’s death. Andrew Steen went to be with Jesus nine years ago today, on what was my 18th birthday. I was moved, therefore, to read John Piper’s post yesterday (Hello, my Father just died) about the passing of his father. Though I didn’t know my grandfather so well, I am thankful to God for his cherished memory. His godly example continues to spur me forward. By the grace of God, he was a passionate preacher and a good man. We loved him; we still miss him.

Third, though of lesser importance, this is almost the three month anniversary of Unashamed Workman (Sunday will be the official day). I’d like to say how much I’ve enjoyed posting six days out of seven on the theme of preaching. Its been even more pleasurable than I imagined to interact with many of you over this period. For what its worth, I’d like to link you to my ten favourite posts over this season. If you missed these the first time, you can read and comment on them now.

1. The Case for Preaching (part one) (Just reading these quotes makes me want to get behind a pulpit!)
2. Tim Keller on Luke 15 (This has to be highly rated, not least because Tim Keller commented on it himself!)
3. A Friday Question – Visual Props (The most commented post)
4. Preaching that Understands the World (Don Carson, with some helpful advice)
5. How John Stott Prepares a Sermon (Many sites linked to this)
6. Ten Reasons to Take Time Out (This one’s gone on my wall…)
7. Theology on Fire! (Truly, this belongs in the category of ‘classic materials’)
8. Twenty Reasons to Read Good Christian Books (This wasn’t a hard post to put together – the reasons are boundless)
9. Unashamed Additions (You can still make suggestions for this)
10. Anchor Man (part one) (Reading this again is no less challenging)

Soli Deo Gloria


  1. Happy Birthday to the best husband ever! Your Grandpa would no doubt be proud of you, your godly example and passion for preaching, just as I am. I’m grateful to God that you have this anniversary as your birthday to remember his life and so, spur you on. Sorry for being soppy on your blog! Couldn’t help it. Love, DD 🙂

  2. Happy birthday, Colin!

  3. Happy Birthday Bro! Grandpa was a great man of God and he always knew you would be a great preacher. I know that he would be very proud (as we all are) of the man you have become and the sincerity in which you serve the Lord.

    God bless!


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