Adding Weight to Words

March 6, 2007


I had a wonderful encouragement last week. The fellowship I serve (Charlotte Baptist Chapel) voted to extend my contract indefinitely. This has been a real answer to prayer. My Associate Pastor role will involve even more preaching, and falls within the context of a longer-term involvement with a congregation I am growing to love.

Looking back these four years, however, I have noticed something. It may just be my imagination but my impression is that my preaching has gained more of a hearing over the duration. As I’ve come to know the fellowship better, my exposition has been more readily received. This is probably one of the great blessings of a longer-term ministry, like that of John MacArthur (pictured) who has served Grace Community Church for around 40 years: our long and proven interaction with people makes them more readily receive our teaching.

In view of this, our Classic Materials this week may be of encouragement especially to young or new pastors of churches. From Spurgeon’s Lectures to My Students, the great pastor/preacher calls for patience and diligence that we might “add weight to our words.”

“When the preacher first settles, he cannot expect that his congregation will give him that solemn attention which those obtain who stand up like fathers among their own children, endeared to their people by a thousand memories, and esteemed for age and experience. Our whole life must be such as to add weight to our words, so that in after years we shall be able to wield the invincible eloquence of a long-sustained character, and obtain, not merely the attention but the affectionate veneration of our flock.”

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