Anchor Man (part two)

February 26, 2007

Whilst continuing to read Steve’s Farrar’s Anchor Man, I very much enjoyed a brief section titled 50 ways to Coach your Children. I’ve printed off the list, put it at the back of my personal organiser and hope to monitor my progress. You’ll notice that they apply to instructing children of varying ages. Since its such a long list, I’ll give you 25 this week, 25 next.


1. Coach them how to pray.
2. Coach them that the most important book in all the world is the Bible – and that they should read it every day.
3. Coach them in how to buy a car by taking them with you the next time you buy one.
4. Coach them how to use the library.
5. Coach them in how to stand up to a bully and defend themselves.
6. Coach your sons that men protect women.
7. Coach them about money – at least 10 percent to God, 10 percent to savings, live off the rest (and while they are living under your roof, they can take 10 percent for spending money and bank the other 70 percent).
8. Coach them to never make a major purchase without thinking about if for at least 24 hours.
9. Coach them to dribble with their left hand.
10. Coach them ahead of time how to handle pornography.
11. Coach your daughters that there are two kinds of beauty – outside and inside – and that inside is more important to you and God.
12. Coach them to respect and obey authority – parents, teachers, police officers etc.
13. Coach them to be kind to kids at school whom other kids make fun of.
14. Coach them not to cheat on homework or tests.
15. Coach them to immediately return the money when they have been given too much change.
16. Coach them to do a job right – the first time.
17. Coach them to open a door for their mother.
18. Coach them to share their victories, joys, sorrows, defeats and hurt with you. You do that, by the way, by listening.
19. Coach them to do what’s right when no one else is around, because Jesus is always around. And Jesus will reward them because they have character.
20. Coach them not to lie – before they get into the habit.
21. Coach them that some things are more important than sports- like Sunday worship.
22. Coach them to change their oil every 3000 miles – and get your daughter a cell phone when she starts driving (trust me on this…you’ll have a a better quality of life).
23. Coach them to say no to movies that their friends, even their Christian friends, say yes to.
24. Coach your son to be a gentleman.
25. Coach your daughter to be a lady.


  1. Good post. I’ll share it with my men’s group.

  2. […] is a great list of things that dads are to aim at as they raise their boys, but guess what – you can help us do […]

  3. […] is a great list of things that dads are to aim at as they raise their boys, but guess what – you can help us […]

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