Workman’s Toolbox

February 24, 2007


* A new blog on preaching: Preaching that Matters (HT: Transforming Sermons)
* Michael Quicke offers 10 ways to keep your preaching fresh (HT: Creationist Project)
* Preachers, “What’s the main point?” (HT: Transforming Sermons)
* Expository Thoughts touch on a subject that fascinates me: New Testament Texts Citing the Old Testament.
* The new edition of Preaching Now is available. Check out the ten deadly sins of preaching.
* If you’ve never read it, a review of one of the great books on preaching: Preaching & Preachers by Lloyd Jones.
* John Piper on the importance of Expository Preaching.

* I found this a very challenging post: “The Necessity of Cell Groups of Two or Three Interacting Daily.”
* The A-Team review James Sire’s book “Why Good Arguments Often Fail”
* Evangelical Outpost are on number 34 of their series: know your evangelicals. Here’s a brief introduction to William Wilberforce.
* Lead worshipppers might be interesting in these online courses. (HT: Mark Roberts)
* Are there apostles in the church today?
* Tim Challies gives his final reflections on the recent Resolved Conference.
* Justin Taylor points us to some
leadership lessons from Matthew 23.


One comment

  1. Thanks for linking to my review of Preaching and Preachers. It really is a must read for preachers.

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