Workman’s Toolbox

February 17, 2007

Welcome to Workman’s Toolbox. Scour below some links that may be of interest to fellow preachers.


* Tim Ellisworth gives some advice to preachers from a layman’s perspective. (HT: Tim Challies)
* Three recent Sproul sermons on video at the Desiring God conference.
* Christianity Today suggests the Top Ten Sins of Preaching. (HT: Steward of Secret Things)
* John Brand reviews another book: “The anatomy of preaching.”
* Paul Lamey has some helpful thoughts on sermon evaluation.
* Any post entitled: “Practicising Preaching: Lessons from the Trumpet”, has to be at least worth a look!

* A Richard Dawkins Parody. Rather funny! (HT: Bluefish)
* A great series of posts by John MacArthur: “Practical Thoughts for an Enduring Ministry” (parts one, two & three)
* The latest Nine Marks interview (a great resource) is with Josh Harris, talking about his life and ministry.
* 21 ways to comfort those who are suffering – by John Piper
* Al Mohler discusses a difficult and timely subject here in the UK: “A Pink Reformation? Sexuality, Credibility & the Church”
* Ben Witherington reviews the up and coming film, Amazing Grace. (HT: Justin Taylor) Rebbeca Writes reviews the book.
* Boundless, a blog always on my sidebar, is one I’d highly recommend on all things regarding marriage and singleness.
* Jonathan Edwards on “the true excellency of a gospel minister” (HT: Resurgence)
* Pyro is back open for business.


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