Workman’s Toolbox

February 10, 2007

Welcome to this week’s Workman’s Toolbox. As usual there are plenty of interesting things on the blogs this week that I’d like to direct you to.


* Adrian Warnock points us to a CS Lewis quote about “Plain English Preaching”
* Of interest to those in the UK, I’m quite depressed that I can’t make it along to the EMA conference this June, when Tim Keller, Dick Lucas and Vaughan Roberts will be among the speakers. You might want to go, however!
* John Brand reviews a John MacArthur book on preaching.
* Some fantastic material coming out of Expository Thoughts these days, including preaching poetry , preaching historical books, and recommunication of biblical narrative.

* The Desiring God pastor’s conference has just concluded. Listen to the talks here.
* In a short video, John Piper answers, What one thing must a pastor do? (HT: Cawley Blog)
* Jonathan Pennington with some lectures on the Kingdom of God. (HT: Justin Taylor)
* The latest Nine Marks Newsletter is available on the theme of eldership.
* You may be interested to know what is now happening to Ted Haggard.
* A glimspe into the emerging church (HT: A-team blog)
* A great quote from Carl Trueman on why Christianity can never be “cool.” (HT: Vitamin Z)
* Monergism’s free online books page (recently updated) is well worth a look.
* “Can worship be fun?”
* You’ve heard of a mega-church, how about a giga-church?


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