Workman’s Toolbox

February 3, 2007


Today’s links around the blogs with an eye for things preachers might appreciate…


* Alistair Begg has cancer
* “Seeking the Spirit: What Today’s Preachers Can Learn from Charles Haddon Spurgeon” at Reformation 21. (HT: Justin Taylor)
* Really enjoying Randy McKinion’s contributions at Expository Thoughts – his latest: “Hints Happiness with Hebrew”
* Michael Lauerbach (Gospel Driven Life) has been reflecting on the way he preaches (part one, part two)
* A funeral message from John Piper
* Time Magazine interviews Al Mohler about his recent health scare (HT: Steve Weaver)

* Craig Blomberg reviews Richard Bauckham’s new work, “Jesus and the Eyewitnesses” (HT: Justin Taylor)
* A great article by Steve Camp: the gospel according to Satan
* At the Conventicle, Edward Tay writes about “a neglected document” (parts one, two)

* Desiring God is now blogging and thus proudly on my sidebar.
* This article (“Death by Ministry”) from Mark Driscoll really is a must read for pastors. I’m going to spend some time chewing this one over…
* The Ten Most Redeeming Films of 2006 – according to Christianity Today (HT: Justin Taylor)
* Pyromaniacs are shutting down for a week or two. Will they be back…?


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