So, here’s the deal…

February 1, 2007

I’m moving house today, which doesn’t lend itself to a long and thoughtful post. But I do want to ask for your help in two ways.

1) Under Construction
Over recent Wednesday’s I’ve posted articles on how John Stott and Peter Grainger prepare sermons. I’ve also benefited greatly from Steve Weaver’s posts “How I Prepare an Expository Sermon.”

So here’s my thought. Preachers, I’d love to hear how YOU prepare sermons. If you would be willing to summarise your prep steps onto no more than an A4 sheet, I’ll try to post as many as come my way on our Wednesday slot (send to my email: adams.colinandrew@yahoo.co.uk). This will not only benefit other pastors but might help you clarify what steps you are currently taking. If you’ve like to get an idea about how you might set out your entry, check out John Stott’s version.

2) Workman Watch
One or two of you have asked if I would be willing to listen to and review one of your sermons. I’m humbled by this thought, but open to it. One hope I have for these Thursday slots is that they will include reviews of ‘lesser known’ preachers and not only the ‘big names.’ So, if you are an expository preacher and would like to submit one of your sermons (or suggest a preacher you know) just pass on the details.



  1. On a similar theme – and since you link beginningwithmoses, would you be interested in writing a briefing paper for us a sermon?

  2. I’m going to take you up on your offer, even though you likely don’t know me!

    As a fairly new preacher, I’d love to get some objective criticism of my sermons. Would you mind giving a listen to one of these sermons and providing me feedback?

    Praying for the Church (Ephesians 3:14-21):

    Three Gifts from God (Romans 5:1-5): http://www.archive.org/download/KingCommSunday/KingCommSundayam.WMA

    Love Like Christ (Romans 5:5-11):

    While I’m certainly under development, I think those most recent sermons are pretty typical for me. I’d appreciate any feedback to help me properly proclaim this Gospel we are privileged to preach.

    In exchange, I’ll e-mail you a “How I prepare a sermon” essay after I draft it over the weekend.

  3. Well, I’d welcome your critique of one of mine. Texts are at http://totheword.blogspot.com and links to .mp3 audio are at http://thestorageroom.blogspot.com – Peace.

  4. Good Brother,

    I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work! However, the picture of the young man that you have posted is (I believe) a Mormon missionary studying the Book of Mormon. I recognize the “Scripture” format in the picture as belonging to an edition of the Bible that is published by the LDS church. Also, the picture in the background is of two young men who appear to be Mormon missionaries. Just an observation.

    Keep doing a great job!

  5. Thanks Rob,

    You just pick these pictures up off the web, and don’t always scrutinise them too closely 😉 I’ve removed the pic.

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