Ten Reasons to Take Time Out

January 29, 2007

I’ve just returned from a weekend away in the Highlands of Scotland. Like previous years, this was a refreshing time spent with twenty young Christian men. A rich combination of food, sports and studying the bible – what more could a man want!

Feeling much refreshed by Saturday evening, I began to ponder what makes such retreats beneficial. I jotted down ten reasons. While some of these are peculiar to the weekend I was on (a group retreat without family), I hope that the following list might encourage you to book similar time in your diary.

When I take time-out…

1. I appreciate the beauty and grandeur of God’s creation- something I rarely see in the ‘concrete jungle’

2. I relish unhurried time in the Word and prayer

3. I enjoy healthy exercise in the fresh air

4. I miss my wife and children and am reminded that they are a precious gift from a generous God

5. I slow down to savour and enjoy life, being able to laugh more and appreciate present blessings

6. I remember to eat well and on time

7. I distance myself from electronic devices which tend to steal my time and sap my energy

8. I build deeper friendships through prolonged conversations – something nigh impossible in the ‘catching up’ of a typical Sunday

9. I face different challenges than I do every other day (like helping push cars up ice-covered hills on a pitch black Friday night…)

10) I better remember God, the gospel and the reason I ‘do’ ministry


One comment

  1. Thanks for this…great reminder. It’s hard for busy ministers who often worship at the altar of technology to step back and be with the three-dimensional people sometimes. Or just by themselves.


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