Workman’s Toolbox

January 20, 2007

Find below some more links around the blogs, with a special eye for things preacher’s might appreciate. If you are new to Unashamed Workman, read here an explanation of the blog format.

* John Piper has a new DVD available especially for pastors: “Brothers – Feel, Think, Preach God”
* Expository Thoughts had two excellent posts this week on expository preaching: Expository Preaching – A display of what is there; and A Case for Consecutive Exposition
* Steve Weaver talks about one of his favourite preachers
* A facinating post by Phil Johnson examining Spurgeon’s approach to preaching, which was not always expository
* JRR Tolkien’s thoughts on good preaching (HT: Eternal Perspectives)
* Fide-O suggests ideas as to how our congregations can better perform “Expositional Listening”

* Gospel Driven Life considers the possibility that we Christians are often Preaching to the Choir. (parts one, two and three)
* Pulpit Magazine opens up a can of worms, responding to the claim that the KJV is the only version to preach from
* This may interest a UK audience: Peter Maiden exemplifying “black preaching” to a Carribean audience!
* Find here a review of a book I’m about to read: Overcoming Sin and Temptation by John Owen
* Joel Beeke shares 5 Puritan Evangelism Lessons (HT: Old Truth)

* Adrian Warnock is back blogging again and pondering why he receives “Better than I deserve.”
* For those who enjoy linguistics and all things regarding translations (and even for those who don’t, but should!) Better Bibles is a blog I’d highly recommend.
* Mark Driscoll asks Twenty Leadership Questions for Building a City Within a City. (HT: Buzzard Blog)
* Worship Matters considers Putting Together a Worship Song List
* Canadian Tim Challies is a brave man – he gives 16 things he hates about America.



  1. Fascinating links. Thank you.

  2. I learned of your site through Challies.com. Stott’s books have long been favorites of mine (e.g., “Your Mind Matters, “Men Made New”), so I enjoyed the post “How Stott Prepares a Sermon.”

    All the best,

    Rick Pearcey

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