Workman’s Toolbox

January 13, 2007

As we take a breather before Sunday, let’s look round the blogs once more with an eye on things for preachers.

* John Brand, who preached two excellent sermons at our church last year, has started a new blog on preaching.
* Mark Driscoll has just completed a 12 part series on the life of Jesus. Listen or watch Vintage Jesus here.
* I just loved this article: the joy of expositional preaching (HT: The Thirsty Theologian)
* For those who have followed the series, Steve Weaver has completed his six part series: How I prepare an Expository Sermon. He finished just in time to get to the hospital for the arrival of baby number five (I’m not kidding)
* Some useful sermon quotes from the five15 blog
* A bible atlas together with Google maps? See here. (HT: Transforming Sermons)

* Nathan Busenitz is ready to readdress the charismatic question
* Reformation 21 magazine reviews what looks like an excellent book on the theme of assurance.
* Founders Blog on why Jesus should be the theme of Pastoral Ministry
* Something of interest to those who love John Owen – the intriguing question of his attitude to Ireland.
* What is likely to be a helpful book, Listening to the beliefs of Emerging Churches, is due to be released soon. For more information, click here. (HT: JT)
* Also four views on baptism (HT: JT)

* A free PDF version of John Piper’s new book When the Darkness will not lift is now available online (HT: JT)
* Speaking of Piper, read his recent compelling sermon: How to deal with the Guilt of Sexual Failure for the Glory of Christ and His Global Cause. Applicable to all, but especially aimed at younger people.
* One of the most popular posts on WordPress this week: “Twenty ways to manage your Dos.”
* In the States, it begins again on Sunday. I can’t imagine it will be long before we get “The Gospel according to 24.” (HT: JT)



  1. Great stuff, thanks!

  2. Wow, this is a must read site for any pastors out there!

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