Workman’s Toolbox – 30/12/2006

December 30, 2006

Only two days till this blog goes out daily. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! For an explanation of Unashamed Workman’s format, click here.

Our Saturday feature, Workman’s Toolbox, is already up and running however. Here, I simply direct you to anything of interest to preachers around the blogs. If you have any suggestions for future weeks, do feel free to drop me a note: adams.colinandrew@yahoo.co.uk.

*An interesting article by Tim Bayly about “pulpit presence” (HT: Expository Thoughts)
*Bob Kauflin with yet another thoughtful post – this time about the importance of “evaluation” and how to accept constructive criticism.
*Find here a link that lets you hear the whole of the OT in Hebrew. (HT: Justin Taylor)
*Piper has finished Romans! This last sermon is a cracker.

* Tony Reinke over at Shepherd’s Scrapbook will be focusing on John Calvin for the next five months.
* John MacArthur has a stimulating three part series on “What doctrines are fundamental?” Parts one, two and three.
* The folks over at New Attitude explain “humble orthodoxy” in their own words.

* Tim Challies writes a typically balanced post, reflecting on today’s execution of Sadaam Hussein.
* Listen to Alistair McGrath’s excellent lecture: Is God a Delusion? Atheism and the Meaning of Life
* The ESV blog has two new bible reading plans for 2007
* Pastor Steve Weaver is writing his ThM on one of the lesser known particular Baptists, Hercules Collins. Read Steve’s introduction to Hercules’ life.
* Blogotional has an interesting post on “The ecclesiastical ladder of success.” (HT: Adrian Warnock)
* John Piper puts many of us husbands to shame again, with a beutifully written birthday note.


  1. Some of you have been having problems commenting. I’m just checking that its working.

  2. Ok, it seems to be working now. Thanks for the link!

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