More for the Toolbox

December 23, 2006

Welcome to this blog if you are a first time visitor! You can click here for an explanation of the blog format from January 1st. In the meantime, some links that may be of interest to preachers:

* Bryan Chapell’s superb homiletics classes are now available over at Biblical Training.
* Recently I enjoyed listening to “Martyn Lloyd Jones: reflections on his ministry with his family” over at Nine Marks.
* Talking of Lloyd Jones, Pyromaniacs Phil Johnson has a sinus infection, but gets a pick me up from the doctor.
* Find parts 2 , 3 and 4 of Steve Weaver’s insightful series: How I prepare an Expositional Sermon.
* Steve McCoy reviews the ESV reverse Greek Interlinear

* Tim Keller on why we can “never get beyond the gospel.” (HT: Justin Taylor)
* Blue Fish has a great post about why we need friends who love the cross.
* Thabiti discusses why he is a “heresy hunter”
* Matthew Hall talks about Philip Jensen’s views of the changing face of Christianity.
* John Piper and Bob Allen discuss the value of art in the church.
* Wayne Grudem on why he is rethinking his compromise on baptism. (HT: Justin Taylor)

* Milton Stanley, whose blog I read, tells this week of how he has been “sacked” by his church.
* Amazing Grace the movie: see the trailer here. (HT: Justin Taylor)
* Over at my wife’s blog, her friend Catriona graciously gives Santa the boot with two excellent posts (part one; part two).
* Evangelicals Now: why the stakes are high on UK campuses.
* I had to link to this excellent William Booth quote over at Revolver

For a more general list of sermons on the Web, click here.

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